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How did it start?

In July 2012 I, (Edward Wolfs) visited Uganda via Fairweggistan together with a group of people to get to know “the other side” of Africa and Uganda. Besides Uganda’s nature we also visited many schools, orphanages, homes for children, street kids and women’s projects. We extensively saw and discussed what you should do and had better not do in supporting a developing country.

At some schools the science teams were prepared to take a new step in developing education;  among other things they would like to carry out experiments but equipment and know-how were lacking. Then I promised to come back here. Preparing the trip I had already brought some filled boxes, which came in very useful at those schools. From that moment the idea has grown.

uganda juli 2012 031


I went back in February and March 2013 and worked in Jinja and Lodonga then (past Arua).

Uganda febr+mrt 2013 065 Uganda febr+mrt 2013 114

In June 2013 the foundation Experi-box was set up.

I went back again in February and March 2014 and worked in Jinja, Gulu, Rubirizi and I had the first consultation on the Science curriculum in Kampala.

uganda febr+mrt+april 2014 203 uganda febr+mrt+april 2014 078

I visit secondary schools, vocationals, teacher training colleges and primary schools. Everywhere I work for at least one half-day and sometimes a few days to carry out experiments together with teachers and students. After that I leave them some experi-boxes and books in English for practical lessons. When it turns out that teachers continue carrying out experiments and in case they have specific questions I will return one year later.

The experi-boxes were started some years ago by Adri Moerdijk and Johan Nijsse from Goes. I extended the boxes with electricity and electronics with the aid of Jan Leisink. The boxes are now being made by students of Durendael College in Oisterwijk.

The intention is that in a few years the schools in Uganda will make the boxes themselves and fill them themselves as much as possible. For those schools where the science teams are able to cope with measuring in this way there are plans in the pipeline to visit them with some laptops + Arduino + sensors.